Lifting Up Mental Health Awareness

May 4, 2017

This moment and photo made my heart smile big, and so I must share. I always assume anyone who reads my work knows who the characters in my life stories are. I had someone tell me awhile back that wasn’t true. In case you do not know, this is my sweet husband, Lee.

He started with a welder and a dream. He’s been working his whole life not because he wants to get rich but because he loves working.

It is no secret that he struggled with depression and anxiety for years after the diagnosis and loss of his sweet mother, Loree.

As many people know, there is no time limit for grief. It took Lee years to finally reach a place that knows while his mother was gone, she would never leave him.

He was stepping into a happy place when we lost a couple of million dollars after a client refused to pay us. That was a setback and then some. With wave after wave of panic attacks and some days when he couldn’t get out of bed, he kept trying. There have been many times when I wasn’t sure he would pull through. Depression is real and painful to experience or watch.

I prayed and pushed Lee to trust God and find the light that I knew was hidden deep inside him. Time, therapy and learning to love himself for the treasure that he is has finally arrived.

My heart couldn’t be happier!

I just wanted to drop in a quick blog post and was searching for a subject when I saw Lee on the forklift picking up an enormous piece of steel. I thought of how he finally seems to be lifted from his many life trials and struggles and how warm it made my heart.

It’s mental health awareness month, and Lee and I both know the struggles as do many of you.

Don’t give up! Your strength lies within in something that is much bigger than the inner demons that contort our minds. It might take baby steps, but there is no situation that you can’t step through if you keep climbing.

You are never alone; God is with you as your own personal forklift lifting you up and carrying you through.

Love and light always!


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