A Ticket + Life Trials = Gratitude

October 21, 2016

A few weeks ago I was on the way to a doctor’s appointment and got stopped for speeding.

After several months or longer of feeling off, I was wondering if life’s stresses had finally done me in and I was going to find out I had some terrible illness along with having lost my mind.

Without a doubt, I had fallen into that space of thinking how bad things were and thinking I couldn’t take one more thing. Like Granny, I had succumbed to the “It can’t get no worse.” mantra. Well. It can. In my rearview mirror I saw an unmarked car fastly approaching and knew that even though I loved Granny, that was a big fat lie. He didn’t just hit the blue light; he honked the loud siren as he was pulling me over. Woohoo!

I quickly grabbed my driver’s license but for the life of me could not find my car registration or my insurance info. He asked where I was going in such a hurry as he impatiently waited. I told him to the doctor for some blood work. Despite my best attempts, I still could not locate them and felt more frazzled the deeper I dug. He was not amused or happy that I was so ill-prepared. Me either!

YES! I saw a blue card and the words registration and quickly whipped it out of my wallet and passed it to him.

He looked at me with a scowl and said, “This is your voter ID.” I looked back almost in tears and said, “I’m having some health issues and as I said am on my way to the doctor. I’m afraid that I’ve lost my mind. This is the best I can do. Could you PLEASE just look it up?” He walked away.

He came back and charged me with 60 in a 55 and told me to slow down.

There was a time when I would have gotten all upset and for a brief second, that time was coming as I sat there fumbling. Driving away with my ticket something else in kicked in beside anger at myself for speeding in the first place. Gratitude! Maybe I was being spared from a wreck. Maybe I needed those few moments just to sit and be quiet. Maybe my fear of what was going on with my body was nothing or something, but at that moment I couldn’t see the future and know. All I could do was drive until I reached the doctor and go from there.

Isn’t life always like that? If we could see the future, we wouldn’t make the mistakes. We wouldn’t choose the pain or the ticket, and we wouldn’t grow or slow down and think.

Despite the news and all of the dire predictions, I believe that opportunities are endless and life can be good. My faith assures me that no matter what this world looks like there is a bigger plan in place. It’s just a matter of how we look at it and how diligently we are willing to work to find the blue skies and rainbows in the midst of the storms or in my case on the side of I 385 at Haywood Road.

Happy Friday!

Love and Light to you now and always!


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