An Eagle Scout, a Hail Storm, and Life Lessons

March 8, 2017

My husband Lee and I took our nephew Peter (above), to Greenville last Wednesday to celebrate his becoming an Eagle Scout on the prior  Sunday. The Eagle Scout ceremony was a tear jerker for me. I look at Peter and see a little boy who is becoming a man. The joy I feel when I am around him is otherworldly. God has given me a few special relationships like that and I am forever grateful!

I do my best never to compare, but in so many ways, Peter reminds me of Griffen. Like my sweet little brother, Peter overflows with love and compassion. There is no doubt in my mind that he is a very Old Soul. There is this light about him that is always shining. And even when life isn’t going just perfectly, his Soul still glows.

He and I hit a wicked storm on our way home. There was large hail, high winds, and torrential rain. The rain and hail were going sideways at one point. I’m usually one who loves thunderstorms, but this one scared me a little. The hail was so large and forceful that for a brief moment I thought it was going to burst my windshield.

Peter and I kept moving forward following Lee who had met us at the restaurant for dinner. We couldn’t turn around because that would have taken us right back into the storm. Our only option was to go forward and through despite how treacherous the conditions seemed. We knew what was behind us but had no way of knowing what was ahead. We kept moving ever so slowly but surely.  After about five minutes, we were all in the clear and continued home to Hickory Tavern.

On our ride, Peter and I talked about life and people — of how everyone has light and dark inside of them. Everyone.  I shared that we have to work sometimes to find the light because life storms will come that make it seem that we might never see the light of another day. I told him that my wish is that he will always be able to find his soul’s sunshine. He gave me his beautiful grin and said, “I will, Aunt Kimmy!” God how I love him!

The next day I drove through Greenville and the sun was shining brightly. No one would have known there was a severe storm the night  before if not for the debris on the road unless they were there. I thought of how life is a continual progression of blue skies and cloudy days with some storms — sometimes severe ones in our midst.

We cannot control Mother Nature any more than we can control whether we will draw our next breath. Sometimes, we can go around the storms but often we can’t, and our only option is to go through. I prefer going through myself.

Even though it isn’t always easy, I know there is a Master Creator and a Divine Plan. I have to believe that when the storm is raging and fear sets in and we think about turning back — the best thing is to move forward and go through. Otherwise, we often wind up going back through the same storms over and over and over again. We cheat ourselves and our Souls when we choose to do that.

In every storm, sooner or later the clouds will break, and the sun will shine. Each bit of inclement weather bringing us closer to who we are meant to be. With Faith, we will come out on the other side with a little bit more wisdom and hopefully a deeper appreciation for this thing called life.

Love and Light to you as always!

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