How are YOU Doing?

March 8, 2019

Hello! I hope this finds you doing well.

More and more I hear and see people who are feeling overwhelmed and struggling. You might not know it by watching the outside, but if you get quiet and listen, you can feel the dis—ease.

I’m not saying people aren’t happy, but my vibe is that there is an underlying sense of unease in our world. While I don’t profess to know the answer to many of life’s situations, I do think I have a clue on this one. I wish more people talked about it, but they don’t. Maybe they don’t know how.

So, let’s try.

Deep inside each of us is a place that goes far beyond our humanness. We are like twins but in one package — the outer layer — our human self and the inner layer — our Soul self.

If we take time, we can feel and hear the two sides in our mind and body.

Our human self has basic needs that it requires to survive. It must have food, water, and shelter. Our Soul self has needs also. It needs quiet time, introspection, and longs for other Souls to interact and grow with.

Somewhere along the way, we have lost our connection to our Soul selves and one another.

Technology is terrific, but it seems to me that it has added to our disconnection and our dis—ease. We can watch the world via Facebook and the web but when do we sit with others and talk about what our hearts are feeling? How often do we look in someone’s eyes and as what is going on in your life and mean it? What makes your heart happy? And better yet, how often do we sit and have that conversation with ourselves?

It can be uncomfortable and exhilarating to ask those questions and seriously listen for the answers. If we get comfortable with our authentic selves then we become even more comfortable with others. And Y’all we need it — we need to connect on a soul level, not just the surface one. It is imperative for our survival.

Back when we were younger, my Great Aunt Hazel was forever passing around those pamphlets with hellfire on them — the world was coming to a horrible end. I’m going to be fifty-three next month, and with each passing day, I grow more concerned that our world might be coming to an end — at least the world we know. All you have to do is look around and see that it is almost impossible to have a conversation without someone looking at a device.

We can change that. A baby step by each of us can lead to giant strides for all of us. It starts with us welcoming our souls to step in and take charge. We have to cut off the autopilot and put down our phones. Then we must invite the souls of others to join us.

I feel obligated to warn you. That part can be awkward and painful. We may look within and find that we need to make some drastic changes to ourselves and those we surround ourselves with. Some of us will be up for the journey and some will not. Some human sides will be so powerful that it will feel impossible to break free. We can lead a horse to water, but we cannot make them drink.

If our Souls are to grow, we must cut loose the people that choose autopilot. We must wish them well, and then we have to have the willpower to love them from afar. Our mission is too critical to get stuck. We must have the courage to let go, or we will get sucked back into the human drama too.

It will feel lonely sometimes. When we have those moments, let’s close our eyes and breathe deep. In that space, we will contact the presence of the Divine. And we will find that we are never truly alone.

Soon, we will find other Souls who are looking for that deeper connection, and we will feel our dis—ease begins to lift. Life will become more comfortable, and our souls will get stronger. We will get stronger. Together!

Before we know it, our Souls will be our guides, and thus we will begin to change the trajectory of the world. 

Let’s get started!

Love and Light!


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