Making a Difference

May 26, 2019

Hello, Y’all,

I’m doing my best to do a post weekly but see that time has gotten away from me.

It’s been a little over three weeks since Lee’s fall. He is still suffering from excruciating headaches and having some memory issues. I’ve read and been told that is just a part of Post Concussion Syndrome and time will work that out. I’m faithful that is going to be the case.

In the meantime, my heart is filled with gratitude to see him smile and hold my hand. Those are huge blessings!

I took this video with Lee on the beach about three years ago.

We found these little beauties drying out in the sand. I picked them up and held them, telling them they would be okay while hoping that was not going to turn out to be untrue.

Have you ever heard the Starfish story?

I found this story back in 2008 when I began going out and sharing the story of Griffen. It was such a poignant reminder of the difference we can make.  I’ve never been able to find the author but would love to share it today.

A man was walking on a beach littered with Starfish that were trapped as a result of the tide. They all appeared to be destined to die.

Off in the distance, he could see a little boy moving back and forth along the shore bending and then rising. As he got closer, he saw that the small boy was picking up Starfish and throwing them back out in the ocean, thus saving their lives.

When he was close enough, the man told the little boy, “You are wasting your time. There are too many to save. You could never make a difference!” The little boy bent down and picked up another Starfish and threw it back into the ocean. He looked up at the man and said, “Well, it sure made a difference to that one!”

Are you a Starfish saver or the grumpy old man? Do you live your life trying to make a difference? I want you to know that even the smallest of things can change a person’s life.

This world is continuously giving us so many chances to be givers, takers, or bystanders. I’m seeing that people get so wrapped up in what they want that they miss what is truly needed. They forget or don’t care that their actions can be the difference between making it a good day for someone or a bad one.

These last few weeks with Lee have made me hyper-aware of what is essential — it isn’t my job, and it isn’t the things I have. It isn’t the houses or cars although those things are appreciated.  What means the most to me is the people I love and the ones who love me. I knew that before but watching Lee struggle has magnified that.

In the end, I know that Lee falling is going to be one of the best gifts God has given us. Another lesson on what truly matters. I’m so grateful for all of you who have reached out to help.  You make a difference and I hope you know that. It’s been a long three weeks but it’s been made easier by the love of so many of you. Thank you!

I’m sending you lots of love and light on this beautiful Sunday.

Please continue to hold Lee in your hearts, thoughts, and prayers!

Much Love,


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