The Devil and Depression are Liars

January 13, 2017

First, thank you for all of the messages you sent related to my confession in my last blog post that I had a major breakdown. It was humbling and encouraging. Every day is another day to begin again. I’ve spent the last fourteen months more determined than ever to find the sunshine and make the most of life.

Many of you wrote in privately to share your suffering. I was touched. We are never alone even when it feels like it. Life is full of illusions. We think we know, and sometimes we do, but I am going to say that a lot of times, we have no idea. My blog post was proof, right?

I don’t know if you ever watched cartoons when you were younger but if you did then you will remember the one with the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other.

When we are depressed or in the middle of a struggle that little devil is quick to tell us how dark things are and how we will never see the light of day again. It tells us that we are not strong enough. It says we are not good enough or smart enough or successful enough. It says we will always struggle and dangle by a thread. Depression tells us that our hearts will always be broken. It says things are hopeless and we are hopeless. That little devil and depression say we are never going to be whatever enough or have enough to climb out of the pit in which we have fallen. That little devil and depression are liars. We are enough, and that is a fact.

Even when we don’t feel our greatest, we are enough to someone!

How do I know? Because when I was in my darkest moments in the Fall/Winter of 2015, I had people telling me how much they loved me and needed me to hold on. You have those people too whether you believe it or not. Please believe it.

This life can be super painful. People die. People lie. People lie to us and about us. People hurt us. Things we cannot control happen. We fail. We lose our health. We lose our jobs. We lose our minds. There are countless ways that this old world and others can drag us down.

The only thing that we are guaranteed 100% for sure in this life is that one day it will end. There is a real beauty in knowing that we die — it gives us notice to LIVE. That is what the little angel tell us. The angel tells us to live.

We cannot give in to the devil on our shoulder and quit. We must listen to the angel.   We must keep pulling ourselves up and taking those baby steps back towards the place where even when we think we can’t go on something in us says, “Yes you can!”

Yes, we can and yes we will.

I’m sending you lots of light and love!



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